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Nursing home in Kiev

A nursing home in Kiev, or as they call it another way, a boarding house for the elderly in Kiev is a decent way to spend old age. Every elderly person needs care and timely care, which is not always possible due to employment and lack of time. Therefore, the nursing home in Kiev is the best way out of this situation, it is equipped with everything necessary to provide both medical and psychological assistance.

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дом престарелых киев

Nursing home in Brovary

The new branch of the boarding house "New Life" is located in the town of Gogolev, Brovarsky district, Kyiv region. Quiet and cozy place. At the same time not deprived of city amenities. Convenient transport interchange allows you to reach the house without stopping at any time of the day.

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Facilities with Elevator

Complete reconstruction of the building to meet the needs of the elderly! Handrails, ramps, specialized beds. Strollers, walkers, crutches, armchairs toilets are included in the price.


Nursing 24/7, Doctor's review 2 times a week, 5 meals a day and more.

Nursing home in Bobritsa

The new branch of the Retirement home "New Life" has no analogues in Ukraine! This miracle is located in the conservation area in the Kiev region,in about 15 kilometers from the city limits. Bobritsa is a place of recreation for the locals and for people who want to spend their time with taste not far from the city.

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Five meals a day

We thoroughly compose the menu for our guests, considering their health, type of a diet, indigestibility of certain foods, etc.

Fresh air

There is a lake nearby, which is a wonderful place for a walk along the shore with relatives and friends.

Our staff

A team of professionals in the care of the elderly and in the provision of medical services. In the New Life nursing home, you can get advice on the services you are interested in and we will tell you how much is included in the elderly care complex. about staff
частный дом престарелых киев дом престарелых Дом престарелых в киеве сиделка Дом престарелых в киеве сиделка Дом престарелых в киеве сиделка Дом престарелых в киеве сиделка

What can the New Life nursing home provide its clients with?
Our services include

about services

Each of the programs is an individual complementary complex for caring for a pensioner, with the provision of social, psychological and medical assistance. Services are provided around the clock, under the supervision of doctors and nurses with extensive experience, as well as the rest of the working staff.


Elderly Homes - A Great Choice for Your Senior Relatives


The New Life Boarding House understands that aging is an inevitable process for all of us. In old age, a person requires special attention and attitude, including from loved ones and qualified professional medical staff. It is not always possible for working people to provide normal care and maintenance for the elderly, especially in the presence of diseases of all kinds.


Our Nursing Home is a place where every elderly person will find peace and happiness, as well as the opportunity to carelessly meet old age without burdening their loved ones. Taking care of your loved ones is an integral part of the life of every normal person, but it is also a huge responsibility to cope with which, in the modern rhythm of life, is often very difficult. There can be many reasons for this - lack of qualifications or knowledge required, inability to purchase specific equipment or medicines on their own, shortage of time, much of which goes to work.


In these situations, it is the elderly's stay in the home for the elderly that will be the best solution and the only opportunity to ensure a decent life for your relative.


Our Nursing Home is what it represents

Our private homes for the elderly are located in the Holosiivskyi district of Kyiv and Brovary in clean places. Around the main building there is necessarily a small park, in which it is so convenient and good to walk the elderly, talking to each other about the essential. During the walk the wards of our boarding house for the elderly can sit on the benches in specially designated places, isolated from the noise. This is how older people are developing a new circle of interest communication, which is crucial at this age.


The New Life Nursing Home is made up of professionals who are properly qualified in the care of elderly people, both relatively healthy and those with various illnesses. The residents of our nursing home are constantly surrounded by the proper care and kindness, as only sensitive and empathetic people are selected in the team. They are always ready not only to provide full-fledged care, but also to listen to an elderly person, to help him or her with advice or just to talk - such moments are very important for people in a private home for the elderly, whose habitual circle is gradually broken over time.


Medical monitoring based on continuous monitoring and accounting of all chronic or acquired diseases is carried out at a boarding house for the elderly around the clock. To do this, the New Life boarding house has all the necessary equipment and qualified staff.


Advantages of a Private Nursing Home over Competitors or Home Stay

Let's just talk about the main ones:         
  • An optimal social environment for the elderly. Many elderly people are greatly affected by the disruption of social relationships at their age. Our private nursing home is a kind of "social network" for seniors who can socialize here and seek out those close in spirit and interests.
  • Assistance with everyday tasks. The staff of our nursing home will not only help solve the complex challenges of care and medical care - we will support the guests in all aspects of their lives.
  • No need for household chores. In spite of old age, there is often a need for cleaning, cooking, ironing and laundry, which is becoming increasingly difficult. There is no need to do all that while staying in the walls of a home for the elderly.
  • Qualified nursing care. In a private home for the elderly, the social living environment is fully adapted to the permanent residence of the elderly, including those with disabilities. We will maximize the protection against possible health problems.
  • Making life easier for the elderly and his or her family members. It is not always possible to provide the right level of care and care for an elderly relative, who is simply better off in a private home for the elderly surrounded by friends and comfortable living.
         Don't deprive your elderly relative of a normal life - help him by arranging a New Life for our elderly.