Myocardial infarction is a common cause of anxiety among older people. After the disease, a person needs to go on a course of recovery in special conditions, with the use of medication. The sooner a person seeks help, the sooner the consequences can be prevented.

Caring after a heart attack is a course of treatment that includes:

  • ·        Hospital stays.
  • ·        Taking medicines prescribed by a doctor.
  • ·        Diet selection.
  • ·        A course of physical exercise.
  • ·        Psychological rehabilitation.
  • ·        Analysis of the patient's condition.

During recovering from a heart attack, the person must be under the watchful eye of the attending physician, who can timely change the course of treatment. Only under these conditions, the patient can return to the normal condition with no complications.

Timely assistance for rehabilitation after a heart attack

A patient who has had a heart attack, especially a pensioner, requires careful care and a range of recovery programs after the heart attack. However, this is a time-consuming process.

In this case, a nursing home is a great solution to the problem. Especially for pensioners who live alone. Such relatives need help the most. Moreover, it is better to insist on such an offer, although they may oppose it.

The qualification of our medical staff makes it possible to restore a person after a heart attack and restore his vital functions, providing 24 hour- medical and psychological assistance.

Unlike hospital beds, the patient receives the necessary comfort and attention from our staff with feedback according to the patient's needs. As well as pleasant company and entertaining leisure time.

Caring after a heart attack in our boarding house includes a professional consultation of a doctor, who will help the pensioner get rid of habits harmful to the patient's health and work out an individual diet.

Physical activity during the recovering from a heart attack helps to redevelop the body's musculoskeletal functions and take care of themselves. In addition, the most important thing is that at every stage of recovery the patient receives good psychological support, which is important in the treatment.

Only a professional approach and step-by-step care after a heart attack can ensure the patient's recovery without complications due to the heart attack and prevent its further occurrence.

Our employees continuously monitor the health of their wards, using advanced equipment and providing necessary social assistance, regardless of the severity of the disease and diagnosis. Nursing after a heart attack is not the only service available at the nursing home.

You can learn more about the cost of caring after a heart attack program and keeping a pensioner in a private boarding house from our consultant or by calling the specified number. We guarantee your relative will fall into caring hands of our staff with a long-term experience.