Dementia is an insidious mental illness that manifests itself gradually, affecting the daily life of the person. It is a wide range of neurological diseases (disorders), which lead to person’s losing in space and loss of social skills.

How to recognize the dementia?

The symptoms of dementia are different or include all the characteristic features at once.

·        Losing in space and weak memory. A person often confuses the names of relatives, can get lost in a familiar place or simply forgets obvious things.

·        Anxiety without reason and desire to be constantly on the move. Those persons often loose in the street and cannot find their way home.

·        Person gets confused in words, forgets and says them repeatedly. It is difficult for relatives and friends to find a common language with such a person because of psychological pressure.

You may not immediately notice that your relative has signs of dementia due to the gradual onset of subtle symptoms. Dementia leads to the loss of all the social skills acquired throughout life. In this case, a course of care for people with dementia can help.

Unfortunately, age-related dementia cannot be treated. However, with timely care and medication for people with dementia, its deleterious effects can be slowed down and some social skills can be regained.

Caring for people with dementia at the nursing home

Caring for people with dementia at home is more time-consuming duty that requires maximum attention from relatives, not to mention precious time and joint trips to the polyclinic.

Taking care of people with dementia at a boarding house or a private medical facility is a practical way for many people who want to take care of their relatives.

Looking after people with dementia in boarding houses has its advantages:

  •        Regular care.
  •         Timely provision of medical services.
  •         Psychologist assistance and communication with staff.
  •         Balanced diet.
  •         Pleasant environment.
  •         Providing hygiene procedures.
  •         Holding entertainment for the guests.
  •         Fresh air and daily walks on the territory of the institution.

Taking care of people with dementia in a home for the elderly will be a pleasant pastime for your loved one. Our staff consists of specialists from different fields of retirement care and has many years of experience backed up by practice.

24-hour elderly care and modern medical equipment

We take care that every visitor of our facility feels comfortable, so we provide 24-hour guest care with feedback. All 24 hours 7 days a week, your relative is in caring hands.

On the territory of the nursing home, there is the necessary medical equipment to provide assistance and to carry out an analysis of the guest’s condition with further prescription of treatment during the care of people with dementia.

Our doctors and nurses ensure the recovery of each guest and take care of their psychological condition.

How can you sign up?

Anyone can get into our boarding house. For this purpose, learn more about rendered services, address to our consultant by means of feedback service and fill in all necessary documents.