Pensioners with reduced mobility is the category of people who need timely care during the day. Not everyone can provide such care to his or her relatives due to limited time and employment. It is good to have someone in the family who can take care of such a pensioner, but not every family has such a benefit.

Taking care for bedridden patients is a long process of providing timely medication, hygiene procedures, analysis, and psychological help that requires time, hygiene products, etc. Sometimes it is impossible to provide all this due to employment or simple time constraints. In such case going to a geriatric home is one of the most suitable options. The nursing homes provide nursing for the bedridden persons and have extensive experience in this area.

Applying to special care institution:

1. saves your time;

2. provides your relative a 24-hour supervision;

3. saves your finances.

One of the nursing home services is nursing for the bedridden persons. Our doctors, nurses and caregivers with experience in the treatment of bed-ridden patients will provide them with all necessary assistance during the whole stay of the bedridden pensioner.

What the pensioner with limited mobility gets?

  •         Comfortable accommodation.
  •         Balanced meals.
  •         Timely hygiene procedures.
  •         Psychological and medical care.
  •         Pleasant atmosphere.
  •         Pleasant company.
  •         Possibility of communication with relatives.
  •         Moral support.
  •         Domestic comfort.
  •         Fresh air and staff assistance.
  • We do our best to ensure the staying of a pensioner at our center is favorable for his health, both physical and mental.

Provision of health care at geriatric home

As we are dealing with pensioners with various diseases, we have all the necessary medical equipment to perform tests and provide medical care, as well as rehabilitation support.

There is no need to take a pensioner anywhere to be examined and consulted: a doctor on site will provide all necessary medical care. After all, the nursing for bedridden patients does not only consist of proper diet and timely turning over.

We monitor every pensioner and he always receives feedback on all his needs within 24 hours, 7 days a week. We do everything necessary to make each patient feel the maximum comfort from staying in our home for the elderly, regardless of health condition and well-being. Care services for lying patients at “” is an atmosphere of warmth, care and kindness for everyone.

You can learn more about the cost of care services for bedridden patients on our website by leaving a request for feedback and talking to our consultant. He’ll choose the most suitable program for the visitor and specify what documents you need to fill in.