Caring for elderly people is the main function of our nursing home in Kiev. We provide round-the-clock service to all guests, regardless of health status and mental illness. We provide comfortable conditions of stay and timely medical care to everyone, as well as a pleasant atmosphere for both short and long stay.

Sometimes care for older people requires special facilities that cannot be provided at home. Especially if a person lives on their own and is unable to serve themselves due to a number of physical and mental illnesses. When we take such a person into care, we are able to provide social, psychological and medical assistance to each.

In addition, each visitor gets into a friendly and warm atmosphere. Fresh air and entertaining events make spending time in our care center the pleasant rest, which a retired person deserves.

What can we do for guests in the elderly care service?

  •         Comfortable accommodation.
  •         All necessary household items.
  •         Comfortable sleeper berths.
  •         Modern home appliances.
  •         Cleanliness and order every day.
  •         Complex daily meals.
  •         Friendly staff.
  •         Timely medical care.
  •         Psychological care.
  •         Assistance to disabled people.
  •         Care for the bedridden.
  •         Pleasant places for walks.
  •         Rehabilitation programs.
  •         Massage.

In case a pensioner complains about his health, there is no need to leave the territory of the nursing home: we have a full-time doctor and all necessary medical equipment to provide diagnosis and treatment of the disease on site.

People with special psychological conditions, such as Alzheimer's and dementia, are provided with individual care, in which the guest feels comfortable and seeks psychological assistance from our staff.

We want each of our guests to feel taken care of, that’s why we keep an eye on their condition 24 /7, providing them with assistance in all daily matters. This is the only way we can create an atmosphere of friendliness and understanding during the care of elderly people.

Each of our employees is a specialist in his field, from the doctor to the nurse. Everyone has long-term experience in caring for older people and how they should be treated.

If you intend to leave your loved one in a nursing home, he will fall into the safe and caring hands of our staff, who takes care of a favorable atmosphere for him.

You can learn more about all seniors' care services and accommodation costs on the website or by filling out a feedback form, after which our consultant will contact you and provide all the information about our medical institution.

Every day in our pension for the elderly is a pleasant rest in the open air and pleasant company. Our care for the elderly is not just a service, but also our staff’s care.