Alzheimer's disease is a severe disease that is extremely difficult to treat at home. A person needs 24-hour medical care and timely assistance. All this is necessary even in the early stages, not to mention care during complications.

Only professional doctors can provide proper care for people with Alzheimer’s disease, while home maintenance and improper treatment can lead to unwanted complications. This process itself also takes a plenty of time and energy.

How to behave oneself with an aged-relative with Alzheimer's disease and what kind of care is necessary for people with such a diagnosis?

Nowadays there are boarding houses or, as they say, "nursing homes" aimed at healthy and severely ill pensioners maintenance. As a rule, boarding houses have a service for people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia nursing.

Our private boarding house in Kiev will provide modern medical equipment to maintain health and qualified assistance from experienced staff for each guest of the institution. There’s no need to leave the boarding house for analysis and treatment: on its territory doctors, nurses and caregivers perform their duties around the clock.

In addition, the boarding house has all the necessary domestic comfort for the maintenance of pensioners of all age groups, and there is a feedback, which helps each patient to get everything he needs in a short time during 24/7.

What can a boarding house in Kiev provide people with Alzheimer's disease?

•             Experienced medical staff.

•             24-hour care and monitoring of the guest's condition.

•             Psychological care.

•             Necessary medicines and disease prevention.

•             Comfortable accommodation.

•             Balanced meals on schedule.

•             Consultation with the staff doctor.

•             Cozy atmosphere for a long period of maintenance.

•             Friendly atmosphere.

•             Entertainment activities.

•             Domestic comfort.

Alzheimer's disease cannot be cured, however, progress can be significantly slowed down by medication and psychiatric care. A course of nursing care for people with Alzheimer's disease cannot be repeated at home, especially if you do not have the medical skills.

It's worth to understand that people with Alzheimer's disease can't be left alone and need constant care. This is especially true for people who live alone and cannot help themselves. Applying to a boarding house aimed at nursing for people with Alzheimer's disease is the best solution to this problem. You can save your time, money and provide the necessary care for your loved one.

You can find out how to settle a pensioner in our private boarding house from our consultant, by leaving a feedback form or calling. He will explain what the course of nursing care for people with Alzheimer's disease and dementia contains, what are your step-by-step actions and familiarize you with the price.

With our nursing home you get more benefits than expenses, and your relative gets the deserved rest in a pleasant atmosphere.