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Pension "New Life"

The first pension in Ukraine with an elevator. The boarding house is located in the cleanest district of Kiev - Golosievo!            Pension "New Life" is located in the private sector, at a sufficient distance from the highway and a bustling city to ensure the tranquility of guests and free from the bustle of the city.

About house

The boarding house in Golosievo "New Life" is designed for 30 people. The house has male and female rooms as well as rooms for two, three or four people. In walking distance to the hospital and shops. The boarding house is located in the city of Kiev, but the private sector in the Golosievo area provides silence and comfort as if you were outside of it.


What do we offer?


Old age is not a disease, but age significantly limits human capabilities. Because care for the elderly has its own characteristics. Thus, immunity weakens with age, and the elderly are much more likely than young people to catch various infections, and they suffer more difficult diseases. Care for the elderly should include various measures to strengthen the body's defenses: from a proper diet to physiotherapeutic procedures. It is also necessary to regularly conduct a physical examination in order to notice the development of pathological processes in time. Age affects not only physical but also mental health. The elderly often have problems with memory and concentration, they are prone to mood swings, depression, sleep disturbances are not uncommon. Most aged people need the help of a psychologist. Care for such people requires tact, patience, attentiveness and a positive attitude. Decreased visual acuity and hearing, problems with coordination, slowing down the reaction rate are also common at a respectable age, and this should not be overlooked - due to all these changes, older people often lose their balance and fall, which leads to serious injuries. Our Pension, in which an elderly person lives, is equipped in accordance with his needs so that the risk of unpleasant incidents is minimized. However, to avoid injury or illness, alas, is not always possible. Recovery during these years is very slow, and sometimes an elderly person has to adhere to bed rest for months. In this case, care should be especially thorough, and recovery should include physiotherapy, massage and exercise therapy - to exclude the development of atrophy and the formation of pressure sores, proper diet - to maintain the gastrointestinal tract, a full range of hygiene measures and, of course, the help of a psychologist . Obviously, caring for older people is not so easy. Modern citizens work hard and cannot pay enough attention to their elderly relatives, and even those who have enough free time, rarely have all the necessary medical skills and knowledge. There are several options for overcoming this situation. Caring for an elderly relative in the home “No one will take care of my grandmother better than me!” - so many believe. But, as we have already said, caring for the elderly is a serious job that takes time and knowledge. The slightest mistake or negligence can be fatal. Sometimes a helpless relative becomes a real test of strength for the family, and if you decide to take care of it yourself, you should be aware of this. Nursing services Professional nurses are worth their weight in gold - these people must have a nurse diploma to perform all the procedures prescribed by a doctor, have patience, a light character, goodwill and, of course, decency - because you trust her and a loved one, and property, as a nurse will be in the house and in your absence. We do not recommend looking for a nurse for ads - there are many scammers and scammers among people offering these services. It is much more reliable to contact a boarding house for the elderly or a private clinic, such institutions often provide outpatient care. State institutions providing care for the elderly with accommodation accept those who do not have relatives and who cannot take care of themselves. Staying at a state nursing home for free or is very inexpensive (payment is deducted from retirement), but the financing of most of these institutions is clearly inadequate, and the conditions in them sometimes do not hold water. The premises have not been repaired for a long time, there are not enough medicines and consumables, sometimes even ordinary things like soap and washing powder are in short supply. The people working there are professional and dedicated, but low salaries have a bad effect on official zeal.And of course they have neither the time nor the incentive to organize the cultural life of their wards. Living in a private boarding house for elderly people in need of care. Commercial boarding houses for the elderly are much more suitable for the needs of people aged. Patients themselves or their relatives pay for staying in them, so there is no lack of funding. Private nursing homes, like any other commercial organization, try to attract customers and constantly improve the level of service, offering unique opportunities and favorable terms of payment. A typical private boarding house is a cottage-type house in the suburbs, surrounded by a forest or a well-kept park. The guests live in rooms reminiscent of hotel rooms, with the only difference being that the whole atmosphere in them is adapted to the needs of the elderly. In these boarding houses, people are not only treated and undergo rehabilitation therapy, but also have a rest - each similar center pays great attention to entertainment programs and leisure activities. The private boarding houses for the elderly employ highly professional doctors and nurses who specialize specifically in working with older people.
               The cost of staying at the Novaya Zhizn boarding house is not even comparable to the cost of a hotel stay and does not exceed the price of a qualified nurse.
              Take your time to make a choice, think what will be better and more comfortable for your elderly relative. You must be absolutely sure that you trust the well-being and health of a loved one to worthy people who will take care of him just as he once cared for you.               View Pension "New Life" - Free

Medical examination

Examination and consultation of a doctor 2 times a week.
Providing essential drugs.
               First Aid Service.
               Sugar analysis, temperature control, heart rate.
               Customized hygiene procedures.
               Wellness exercises (gymnastics).
               Caring for bed patients.
               Daily prophylaxis of pressure sores in bedridden elderly people.
               Help while eating bedridden patients.

Food selection

Discussion of nutrition as an important component of a healthy lifestyle of an elderly person is extremely important when considering gerontodietology.
              The basis of nutrition for healthy elderly and old people is based on the following basic principles:               correspondence of the diet value to the actual energy consumption of the body;               preventive nutrition, taking into account the possibility of preventing or slowing the development of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, gallstone disease, cancer, osteoporosis and other pathologies common in old age;               compliance of the chemical composition of the diet with age-related changes in metabolism and the functions of organs and systems;               a variety of food packages to ensure a balanced content of all essential nutrients in the diet;               the use of foods and dishes with fairly easy digestibility in combination with products that moderately stimulate the secretory and motor functions of the digestive system, normalize the composition of the intestinal microflora;               proper diet with a more even distribution of food in separate receptions compared to young age;               individualization of nutrition, taking into account the characteristics of metabolism and the condition of individual organs and systems in specific elderly and old people, their personal long-term eating habits.

Vocational rehabilitation

We provide only the right rehabilitation program (after surgery, stroke, heart attack, hip fracture, etc.)
The goal of rehabilitation is to restore lost skills, gain independence and improve the quality of life of our guests.


Rehabilitation after a stroke:
Our rehabilitologist conducts comprehensive development and restoration of lost functions. Classes are held both at the patient’s bed and in a specially equipped rehabilitation room. Before, during and after classes with a rehabilitologist, blood pressure, pulse and saturation are monitored!


Restoration of motor functions:
The restoration of motor functions after injuries and strokes is carried out taking into account the severity of the patient’s condition, individual characteristics, age, etc. Classes are conducted by an experienced rehabilitologist using special equipment.


Adaptation of patients with paralysis:
Adaptation of patients with paralysis ensures their adaptation to new living conditions and includes a number of special exercises, after which such a patient is able to serve himself with a lost function.               

Sores Prevention:
The prevention of pressure sores in people with reduced mobility, the seriously ill and in unconscious people can be prevented!
Continuous monitoring of the skin of a person at risk of pressure sores is a necessary element of prevention. In our Pension, special attention is paid to the prevention of pressure sores. The patient’s skin is constantly monitored during the course using special means that prevent the formation of pressure sores, anti-decubitus mattresses.               

Treatment of pressure sores:
Pressure sores are one of the most unpleasant complications of almost any disease related to a person’s limited mobility. In the Pension "New Life" we carry out the treatment of pressure sores with an antiseptic with a bandage. If necessary, treatment is carried out with the assistance of a doctor.


Psychological support:
Psychological support is provided throughout the stay of patients in our Pension. If necessary, you can consult an experienced psychologist who supports the mental state of our guests.


We provide an experienced massage therapist for guests requiring a massage, including after a stroke and injuries.

Leisure and entertainment

We are not only comfortable, but also fun, we do not let guests get bored, we entertain with games, interesting programs and outdoor activities. Often arrange concerts with the participation of guests for residents of the boarding house and their relatives.
Examination and consultation of a doctor 2 times a week.
           Providing essential drugs.
           First Aid Service.
           Sugar analysis, temperature control, heart rate.
           Customized hygiene procedures.
           Wellness exercises (gymnastics).
           Caring for bed patients.
           Daily prophylaxis of pressure sores in bedridden elderly people.
           Help while eating bedridden patients.

Guest rooms

The rooms in the New Life boarding house are equipped with individual conditions for living..

Documents during execution

For registration of a guest in our boarding house "New Life" you need documents:

  • Photocopies of passports (a relative concluding a contract and a guest).
  • Medical record of an elderly person with certificates

Nursing Home in Kiev "New Life" - Pension for the elderly

Pension for the elderly in Kiev! On the basis of our nursing homes, we have created a modern counseling center in which each guest can get free advice from specialists in the field of ophthalmology, neuropathology, hematology, psychiatry and others ... The professors and candidates of medical sciences are consultants of the network of boarding houses "NEW LIFE". This became possible due to the fact that we have the only network of private nursing homes in Ukraine, which works closely with the hospital of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine and the family medicine clinic. In addition, there are many other advantages due to which the private pension for the elderly “NEW LIFE” enjoys well-deserved respect and trust. We provide quality services for a comfortable stay of our guests. Our coordinates: