Stroke is one of the most serious diseases, especially for retirement-aged persons. Not choosing an institution for rehabilitation after a stroke in time can be a big problem for the patient.

Rehabilitation after a stroke is a very painstaking process. In this case, not only the patient need to be careful, but also the attending physician do, because wrong treatment can lead to complications. Moreover, in the process of rehabilitation after a stroke the patient needs constant care, at any time of day and night, and the timely provision of assistance.

It is primarily up to you to decide which institution will provide medical care and support for the patient. The progress of rehabilitation after a stroke and the time of recovery from a stroke will depend on this your decision. That’s why the nursing home is excellent for the rehabilitation of your loved person, who is provided with the necessary assistance 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The nursing home "" provides a team of qualified doctors for the treatment and rehabilitation of patients of varying degrees of severity. We have a special phased program for rehabilitation after a stroke. Individual approach and programs will help the patient to recover and get back to normal.

You shouldn't worry about the health of your loved ones: they fall into the safe hands of a doctors with advanced medical equipment and extensive knowledge in the prevention and treatment of stroke. In addition, our specialists can provide medical assistance in the prevention and treatment of other diseases.

What we provide for every our patient:

  • ·        Timely medical and psychological care.
  • ·        The best medical equipment.
  • ·        Qualified staff.
  • ·        Daily care.
  • ·        Balanced diet.
  • ·        Comfortable conditions.
  • ·        Pleasant company.
  • ·        Fresh air.

Your closed one will have everything he needs for a quick recovery, without feeling uncomfortable during staying in a nursing home. He will find a pleasant company of interlocutors after rehabilitation and have a fun time in our boarding house. After all, the first thing necessary for a quick recovery is a good mood.

What is necessary for rehabilitation after a stroke in a boarding house?

The only thing you have to do is to fill in all the necessary documents and pay for our services. We take care of transportation and accommodation of your relative. You can be acquainted in advance with the list of services, which are included in our program of rehabilitation after a stroke, by contacting our consultant by phone. The consultant of the Nursing Home "" in Kiev will acquaint you with the work of the institution and what the program you have chosen contains. He will also familiarize you with prices and addresses of pensioners' houses, choosing the best option for you.

The sooner you make the right choice, the sooner your relative will receive timely assistance from the best Kiev specialists and come back to a normal health condition.